“Science matters if it’s put to use”

Meet the chairman of the Arctic Hub Board.


By Phillippa Mangalika Maigaard Filtenborg


There is so much important knowledge to be found all over Greenland, but nowhere to collect and share all of it. That’s why the governments of Greenland and Denmark decided to finance a hub that concentrates on building bridges between science and community and seeks to give politicians a professional platform where they can catch up on the latest research.

“It’s important with a hub like this because science only really matters if it’s used. To put knowledge to use, you need to make it accessible.”

Ulrik Korsholm, Chairman of the Board in Arctic Hub.

Greenland is not responsible for the massive climate changes. But Greenland is facing all the consequences. That is why the whole world is turning to Greenland for answers. Arctic Hub is going to be a funnel for those answers and open to facilitate communication.


“When you’re going to do arctic science, Arctic Hub can facilitate a community. We’ll help scientists reach out to locals so their work can be used by local communities. We can also help them understand the rules related to research in the Arctic. In addition, we can connect researchers to each other and provide a collaboration platform for scientists,” says chairman Ulrik Korsholm.


Arctic Hub is housed just next to the University of Greenland and Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, so it is physically close to scientists working and researching many different topics in Greenland: the story of the ice, the evolution of indigenous people, the changing ecosystems, educational prospects, multi trading system, rare minerals, social inequality, infrastructure, healthcare and much more.


“Arctic Hub has been created to avoid wasting knowledge and to secure action in the years to come. We consider it as the very heart of Arctic Science,” says chairman Ulrik Korsholm.


Meet the rest of the Arctic Hub Board.