Mission and vision

This is what we aim to do

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Our Mission

The research conducted in Greenland is the beating heart of everything we do in Arctic Hub. Our job is to provide a healthy circuit, so knowledge can flow effortlessly around the system. We build bridges between research and society through events where researchers can engage in dialogues with businesses, authorities, the education sector, and international partners. We also make sure that the Greenlandic population gets a share of the valuable knowledge being produced in the country. We do this through dissemination but also by helping researchers to involve locals in their work. In short, we make research available outside the world of science to help promote sustainable development – for the benefit of Greenland and the rest of the world.


Our Vision

It should be easy to get involved in Arctic research. Artic Hub creates a space where researchers can connect, institutions can collaborate, and citizens can engage in Greenlandic research. We’re convinced that the knowledge produced in and around Greenland can help promote sustainable development. Partly because research holds the key to meeting the global climate change challenges, but also because new knowledge can contribute to positive societal development in Greenland. That’s why we strive to make Arctic knowledge accessible to all.


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