Questions we get pretty often...

What is a hub?

In technical terms, a hub is a device used to connect multiple devices in a network. Our hub works the same way, but on a human level. We’re a unifying platform used to connect a wide range of stakeholders, so it becomes easier for them to get in touch with each other.

Who is financing the Arctic Hub?

The Arctic Hub is created in collaboration between Greenland and Denmark and co-financed by the two countries. The Greenlandic Finance Act sets aside 750,000 DKK annually while the Danish Finance Act contributes 3 million DKK between 2019-2022. The initiative is based on a common wish to create an international research hub in Nuuk to function as a unifying platform for Arctic research.

Is Arctic Hub a member organization?

No, you don’t have to sign up or pay a membership fee or anything like that. The initiatives and activities of the hub are open to everyone.

Can Arctic Hub be a partner in my research projects?

Arctic Hub does not engage as a partner in research projects. Mentioning Arctic Hub as a partner or collaborator in projects, funding proposals, and the like is only valid with our written consent. We are happy to guide you in your search for local partners.

Will Artic Hub disseminate my research project?

It may very well be. Arctic Hub disseminates selected research across institutions and national borders. We do this on our website and social media. If you want your project to have a broader outreach, you’re always welcome to get in touch and tell us about your research. Then, we’ll look into it and assess if it’s something we can help you with. We can’t communicate every scientific project conducted in and around Greenland, but we try to engage with a diverse range of research.