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Greenland is not just a backdrop for research, but an active participant

The world is changing and the changes aren’t restricted to the weather; they propel everything from international politics, local infrastructure plans, cultural products, the way we travel, the way we eat, and, on the whole, the way we live together. A changing world calls for new answers.

Local and global perspective

When it comes to climate change, Greenland takes center stage, and it holds many of the answers we’re looking for. This explains why researchers from all over the world find their way here. The knowledge gained in Greenland is valuable and has the potential to drive society forward – both locally and globally.


For that reason, it is important to have a comprehensive unit in place that can ensure that the knowledge gained here is guaranteed the greatest possible outreach and impact, and that Greenland is not just a backdrop for research, but an active participant. Arctic Hub is such a unit.

We connect people within Greenlandic research

Arctic Hub is founded on the basic understanding that knowledge is most valuable if it is shared and activated. Knowledge drives society forward. Therefore, we see it as our main task to help create new networks and workflows that can help knowledge travel around more easily – both in Greenland, the Danish Realm and internationally.


We do this by creating overview and dissemination. Overview is a prerequisite for being able to put the right people, institutions and organizations together. Dissemination leads the knowledge from the research community into society. Taken together, these two parts make the whole that summarizes our efforts in one sentence:


Arctic Hub makes research accessible.


The research conducted in Greenland is the beating heart of everything we do in Arctic Hub. Our job is to provide a healthy circuit, so knowledge can flow effortlessly around the system.

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