Guide to Arctic research centers in Denmark

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Here you can learn more about the Arctic research centers in Denmark. We hope you find it useful to get in touch with the right people and institutions.


Please note that this is not a complete list, but that we are constantly updating and improving it. Therefore, you are also very welcome to make us aware if you have suggestions for additions to the list.

Aarhus University

Arctic Research Centre Aarhus University 

ARC focus on the melting cryosphere and it’s feedback on the climate system and effects on ecosystems and societies. This involves research, education, and collaboration with business and industry as well as consultancy services to national and international government agencies and institutions, local communities and the general public.

Aalborg University

Center for Arctic-Related Research Aalborg University 

AAU Arctic seeks to facilitate collaboration in Arctic research among AAU researchers internally as well as between AAU researches and external partners.

The geographical area of interest for AAU Arctic is the Circumpolar North (incl. Greenland, the Faroe Islands, the northern parts of Scandinavia, Canada, Alaska and Russia, the North Atlantic and the Polar Sea).

Roskilde University

Center for Arctic Studies at Roskilde University 

The Center for Arctic Studies at RUC (CAS) prioritises the development of practical, interdisciplinary and committed research that can play a central role in addressing challenges in modern Greenlandic society, as part of the Arctic region. The collaboration prioritises synergies between research and educational development, which is an extension of the ongoing collaboration on study structure and problem-oriented project work.

Arctic DTU

Arctic DTU – Technical University of Denmark 

Arctic DTU is based on DTU’s campuses in Lyngby and Sisimiut and is responsible for promoting DTU’s Arctic activities within research, education, innovation and research-based consulting.

Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School 

Find publications, projects, student theses, press and media activities from Copenhagen Business School. Get public access to numerous Open Access full text publications written by CBS researchers.

The University of Southern Denmark

Marine Resource Governance in the Arctic –  The University of Southern Denmark 

The overall purpose of the project is to identify and provide guidance in solving the main governance challenges of the marine living resources in the Arctic Ocean with reduced ice presence.

Danish Meteorological Institute

Danish Meteorological Institute

As part of the Commonwealth of the Realm of Denmark DMI has a long tradition studying, monitoring and forecasting Greenland’s weather, atmosphere, ocean, ice and climate.

Forum for Arctic Research (FAF)

Forum for Arctic Research (FAF)

Forskning udgør en væsentlig del af fundamentet for arktisk samarbejde og skaber grundlaget for vigtige politiske beslutninger om bæredygtig udvikling og miljø i Arktis. Som en del af udmøntningen af Kongeriget Danmarks Strategi for Arktis 2011-2020, lancerede Danmark i 2016 en strategi for forskning og uddannelse vedr. Arktis med forslag til konkrete initiativer, der skal styrke den danske forskning i Arktis.


Top photo: Københavns Universitet