Greenland Science Week should be a public celebration of research

Greenland Science Week

Arctic Hub is one of the main organizers of Greenland Science Week 2023. “We have put a lot of effort into spreading the message that this is a public event,” says the secretariat leader.

By Nicoline Larsen



There is a flurry of activity at Arctic Hub right now, for Greenland Science Week is just around the corner. From November 3rd to 10th, there will be numerous exciting events revolving around Greenlandic research in Sisimiut, Safannguit, Kangerlussuaq, and Nuuk.


“At Arctic Hub, we allocate a lot of resources to Greenland Science Week. We do this because it is a unique opportunity to bring researchers closer to both each other and the population,” says Jula Maegaard-Hoffmann, acting secretariat leader at Arctic Hub.


Greenland Science Week is split in two. One part is a conference primarily aimed at researchers. At the conference, there will be presentations and networking events where researchers from Greenland as well as the rest of the world, gather to exchange knowledge. The other part is aimed at the Greenlandic population. Various events will invite the public into the world of Greenlandic research.


See the complete program for Greenland Science Events here.


GIF: Sara Kirstine Hald


“At Arctic Hub, we have chosen to prioritize Greenland Science Week. We have particularly focused on creating visibility in the community,” says Jula Maegaard-Hoffmann, who, in addition to her daily management of Arctic Hub, has also created the new website for Greenland Science Week.


The research festival is organized collectively by various research institutions and municipalities. It is based on individual institutions pitching in with the expertise and resources they want. 


“Our ambition is for Greenland Science Week to be a celebration of research. Therefore, we have put a lot of effort into spreading the message that this is a public event. Everyone is welcome because research concerns us all.”


In addition to the new website for Greenland Science Week, Arctic Hub has also arranged for Katuaq to be illuminated throughout Greenland Science Week. That way, people will know what is happening and hopefully take a look inside. The hub has also partnered with YouTuber Q’s Greenland and created cinema advertisements to spread the message about Greenland Science Week nationwide.


“Researchers from all over the world come here during Greenland Science Week. Therefore, it is a unique opportunity for researchers and the population to meet face-to-face. It is through interaction between people that mutual inspiration and understanding occur, so I hope that many seize this opportunity to connect,” concludes Jula Maegaard-Hoffmann.


Greenland Science Week is a biennial event, and this year is the third time the research festival is held. If you want to learn more about the many exciting events happening during Greenland Science Week, you can read more here.