Magnus returned to Greenland to write a thesis on tourism

Magnus wrote his thesis in collaboration with Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq and came close to his sources.


By Nicoline Larsen


Halfway through his studies, Magnus Biilmann Trolle realized something strange. He had studied business management at CBS for years. Still, if you looked at his resume, his only work experience was 15 years as a part-time fisherman. And that probably wasn’t the kind of experience his future employers would find most relevant.


Therefore, he had a look at the Facebook page Proud citizen of Sermersooq. Through this site, Magnus Biilmann Trolle got the opportunity to return to his hometown Nuuk and work with sustainable tourism in Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq over the summer, a topic that complemented his studies at CBS well.


Before he went back to Copenhagen to continue his studies, Magnus was told that if he could see himself going into a thesis collaboration, all he had to do was to let them know. That was how he came to write his thesis on sustainable tourism in partnership with Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq. So instead of doing the work in the study hall in Copenhagen, Magnus got to write his thesis in a municipality office in Nuuk – much closer to the source.


“The cool thing about a thesis collaboration like this one is that both parties benefit from it.”


Magnus tells Arctic Hub. The municipality receives useful information, and I get very close to the sources. It’s completely invaluable to face the people you’re interviewing and get first-hand experience with the environment you’re researching.”


According to Magnus Biilmann Trolle, one of the advantages of being part of this type of collaboration is that both the thesis writer and the organization or company that is part of the collaboration benefit from it.


”When you collaborate with an organization, they also need the knowledge you find. It’s data they can use to develop their organization, and it’s data you need to make a really good thesis,” Magnus explains.


Through his thesis work, Magnus gained unique knowledge, and therefore he was employed as a sustainability and marketing consultant in Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq even before he had completed his education.


In the video above, you can hear more about Magnus Billmann Trolle’s experiences with writing his thesis in collaboration with the municipality.


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