Arctic Hub invites you to culture night under the stars

In the inflatable planetarium Ulloriarsiooq, children and adults can learn about the universe together with Greenland’s first astrophysicist.

By Nicoline Larsen


Colors, lights, and stars shining in the dark – this is what it is like sitting inside Ulloriarsiooq, the inflatable planetarium.


From the outside, the planetarium resembles an igloo, whose vaulted ceiling functions perfectly as a starry sky. Just like with an igloo, you can crawl into Ulloriarsiooq, and that’s precisely what citizens of Nuuk have the opportunity to try at the culture night. On this occasion, Arctic Hub has borrowed the planetarium, which the Agency for Education otherwise owns.


“Ever since I experienced Ulloriarsiooq myself during a visit to Sisimiut, I have dreamed about bringing it to Nuuk and inviting the citizens inside,” says Jula Maegaard-Hoffmann, acting head of the Arctic Hub secretariat. “It has now succeeded, and I look forward to sharing this experience.”


Meet Greenland’s first astrophysicist

The event, which is held in Pikialaarfik, will not only be an opportunity to look at the universe. Together with Ivalu Barlach Christensen, who is Greenland’s first astrophysicist, you can also learn about the universe during your visit.


Daily, Ivalu Barlach Christensen works on his PhD in Bonn, Germany. But for culture night, she will be back in Nuuk.


“Ivalu is an inspiring young woman who loves talking to children and young people, particularly about the universe. We are delighted that she is coming to Nuuk to share her knowledge in a way that makes sense for everyone – regardless of age,” says Jula Maegaard-Hoffmann.


The culture night will be held on Saturday, 20 January 15-18 in Pikialaarfik, Kivioq 5. The event is open to everyone and it is free to participate.


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