“Arctic Hub brings research closer to your everyday life”

The head of the secretariat at Arctic Hub, Anna-Sofie Skjervedal, talks about her work in building a bridge from research to the rest of society.


By Anna-Sofie Skjervedal


You may have noticed that a lot of researchers come here to Greenland. Greenland has become an epicenter of research. Especially in light of climate change. They affect the whole world but are most visible here.

Building bridges between research and society

Arctic Hub works to ensure that the knowledge researchers gain in Greenland does not leave the country with the researcher.


We build bridges from research to authorities, business, education, and not least to the people here in Greenland. So that knowledge from research can benefit society at large.


Try to imagine research like a giant heart beating. It is full of valuable knowledge. Our job is to provide a healthy circuit, so the heart can perform its very best, so knowledge can be transported around the entire system and reach you.

Research closer to you

At Arctic Hub, we work to bring research closer to you and your everyday life. For example, we help researchers get in touch with local actors. We disseminate new knowledge from research. We do workshops. We put people together across sectors.


But you can click around here on our website. For example, you can watch our videos with researchers, which you can find right here 👇


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