Methods and ethics in arctic transformative research
Nov 25-26th 2021

Reindeer Arctic Hub Greenland Research Science

How can we improve relationships between researchers and Indigenous rights holders?

How can meaningful and trustful collaboration be achieved across academic disciplines? How can we address data sovereignty? How can research relationships be maintained during times without funding? How do funding schemes need to change to enable co-creation? What does co-creation mean from Indigenous perspectives?


Find the preliminary programme here:


25. november, 08.30-14.30 greenlandic time

26. november, 09.20-14.30 greenlandic time

The Arctic Governance Research Group would like to invite you to discuss these and other questions at a virtual workshop on Ethics and Methods in Arctic Transformative Research, which will take place on November 25 and 26, 2021. This workshop is open to researchers from all disciplines, policy makers, activists, and others with an interest in Arctic research and research ethics. We explicitly want to encourage natural scientists to participate.

The workshop will include presentations and discussion-based sessions between participants.