Info meeting about Paasisavut – the Greenlandic PhD competition
Aug 6th, 2024

Thinking of applying to be a finalist? Get to know more about the Greenlandic research communication competition Paasisavut!


On the 6th of August 2024, at 10.00 am Greenlandic time, Arctic Hub host a digital info meeting about the Greenlandic PhD competition Paasisavut.


We strongly recommend that you attend one of our information meetings before you apply for Paasisavut. During these, we describe what participants in Paasisavut can expect from the process.


The info meeting will be in English and take place online on Zoom – get registered here.


Paasisavut is open to current PhD students and PhD holders from all over the world who have submitted their thesis within the last two years. So are you a PhD student in Greenland or PhD-student who has done your fieldwork in Greenland? Then you should apply for participation in Paasisavut!

You can now apply for Paasisavut 2024 – the application deadline is the 1st of September, 2024.