Overview of research stations in Greenland

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Curious about research organizations in Greenland?

Meet our primary research organizations! We hope it can help your research project get underway in Greenland.

NOTE: This guide is not exhaustive and will be updated regularly. If there are any research stations you think we are missing, please give us a quote here.

Arctic Station

Arctic Station – University of Copenhagen 

The Arctic Station is located on the south coast of the Disko Island in central west Greenland (69°15’N, 53°34’W). It is thus facing the Disko Bay / Davis Strait and is characterized by an arctic, marine climate.

Zackenberg Research Station

Zackenberg Research Station 

Zackenberg welcomes national and international scientists and students who wish to carry out research projects or run a course.

Kobbefjord Research Station

Kobbefjord Research Station 

Kobbefjord Research Station is located ca. 25 km from Nuuk in the inner part of Kobbefjord. It is part of Pinngortitaleriffik – Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. Currently the station is mainly used by personel affiliated with the Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring program, but the station is open to all visiting scientists.

Villu, Research Station

Villum Research Station 

Villum Research Station is a research facility at the military outpost Station Nord in high arctic North Greenland (81°36’ N, 16°40’ W).

The Sermilik Scientific Research Station

The Sermilik Scientific Research Station 

The Sermilik Scientific Research Station provides a logistic base for the ongoing  glaciological, hydrological and geomorphological investigations of the Mittivakkat Glacier and its catchment.

Summit Station

Summit Station 

Summit Station is the only high altitude, high latitude, inland, year‐round observing station in the Arctic. Summit Station offers immediate access to the free troposphere and is relatively free of local influences that could corrupt atmospheric observations. As such, it is ideally suited for studies aimed at identifying and understanding long‐range, intercontinental transport and its influences on the ice sheet surface, boundary layer, and overlying atmosphere.

Arctic DTU

Arctic DTU – Technical University of Denmark 

Arctic DTU is based on DTU’s campuses in Lyngby and Sisimiut and is responsible for promoting DTU’s Arctic activities within research, education, innovation and research-based consulting.

Kangerlussuaq International Science Support (KISS)

Kangerlussuaq International Science Support (KISS) 

These former barracks from the time when the Americans used Kangerlussuaq as a military base, are used today as accommodation primarily for scientist that does studies around Kangerlussuaq or on the Ice Cap.

Narsaq International Research Station

Narsaq International Research Station

Narsaq International Research Station is an independent non-profit research platform with a focus on cultural and scientific research in South Greenland.

NOTE: This guide is not complete and will be constantly updated. If you have further questions, please feel free to book a meeting.