Research helps local businesses

New scientific results present development opportunities for the business community, according to a travel agent from Nuuk.


By Phillippa Mangalika Maigaard Filtenborg


Saki Daorana is a travel agent living in Nuuk. During Covid-19, most of her clients have been journalists and documentary makers on the lookout for the latest research news.


“The ordinary tourists haven’t been here, so most of my clients have been professionals in search of knowledge and facts. This means I’ve been reaching out to the scientific community and reading scientific reports,” says Saki Daorana.


Saki Daorana’s clients need facts on everything – from climate change and glaciers to narwhales and polar bears. She also experiences a greater interest in indigenous knowledge and culture. She attended Greenland Science Week to deepen her knowledge and meet people.


“We can always search the internet, send an e-mail or read a scientific rapport. But it’s different when you have the person right in front of you. Having so many different participants gathered in one place is another great benefit of this conference,” says Saki Daorana.