Arctic Hub welcomes three new board members

minister of Independency and Foreign Affairs, Vivian Motzfeldt

The minister of Independency and Foreign Affairs, Vivian Motzfeldt, has appointed three new members to Arctic Hub’s board.


By Nicoline Larsen 


The Department of Independence and Foreign Affairs has now announced who the new board members of the Arctic Hub will be. The appointed members are:


– Nuunu Ludvikka Johansen Jeremiassen, Chair of SIP, Sulinermik Inuussutissarsiuteqartut Kattuffiat (SIK)


– Elna Thomsen Heilmann, Chairperson, Chair of Ilinniartitsisut Meeqqat Atuarfianneersut Kattuffiat (IMAK)


– Frederik Fuuja Larsen, museum manager, Greenland’s National Museum and Archives


Naalakkersuisoq Vivian Motzfeldt hopes that the new members will actively help spread research to the community so that the population can participate in and benefit from research activities in and around Greenland, she states in a press release from the Department of Independence and Foreign Affairs.


The Arctic Hub board consists of eight members, four appointed from Greenland and four from Denmark. In addition to the three newly appointed members from Greenland, the Arctic Hub board includes:


– Ulrik S. Korsholm, Deputy Director, DMI – Danish Meteorological Institute


– Mininnguaq Kleist, Permanent Secretary, Independence & Foreign Affairs, Naalakkersuisut


– Torben Røjle Christensen, Scientific Leader, Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring and Zackenberg Research Station


– Lise-Lotte Terp, CEO & Founder, ProConsi International


– Ditte Mesick, Deputy chief, Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science