The changing Arctic
Mar 13th - 14th 2024

Participate in a research policy conference

The conference is being held at The Royal Library, The Black Diamond, Copenhagen on 13-14 March 2024.


The Arctic is changing; climate change is driving dramatic environmental changes, geopolitical developments are accelerating, and there is a growing desire among the population for development, well-being and security. If we want to ensure sustainable development centred on people and the environment, readjustment is needed – both in society and for the individual. Research has a key role to play here.





Knowledge for the benefit of sustainable development throughout the Danish Realm

Together, the universities want to formulate visions for how research can best support sustainable development in the Arctic. We want to create the best knowledge base and consultancy within the fields of security, the environment and society for the benefit of the Danish Realm as a whole.


Our desire for a sustainable Arctic means bringing our knowledge into play and making it available in new ways. As universities, we must work together to develop and optimise our collaboration within education and research, and devise new ways of using and translating research results into value!


A day of dialogue and knowledge exchange


To find out more about this development and its direction, we are inviting researchers, decision-makers, cooperation partners and students to contribute to the discussions at the conference, where experts on Arctic security, the Arctic environment and social conditions in the Arctic will bring their knowledge to bear through exciting panel discussions and focused breakout sessions.


On the first day, which will be held in Danish, the focus is on Arctic research policy, while the second day, which will take place in English, will focus on new potential research collaborations and funding opportunities. It is possible to participate on only the first or second day.

Date and time: 13 Marts 2024 | 3:30 - 4:00 (DK)
Event description: Dissemination is the key to building a bridge between research and population in Greenland. Nicoline Larsen and Jula Maegaard-Hoffmann, Arctic Hub
Date and time: 14 Marts 2024 | 1:00 - 1:30 (DK)
Event description: Justis in Arctic Research Miriam Cullen, Danish Institute for Human Rights/University of Copenhagen Parnuna Egede Dahl, Oceans North Kalaallit Nunaat