PAASISAVUT 2023: The Research Dissemination Competition
March 1st 2023

Paasisavut - research competition Greenland, Arctic Hub

Paasisavut is a research dissemination competition for PhDs who are engaged in research in and around Greenland.  


The winner is the one who, in just five minutes, manages to convey his research in a simple, catchy and relevant way without compromising on the scientific.  


The participant who is best able to do so receives a prize of DKK 25.000. 


The competition will take place at a live show in Katuaq, Nuuk, on 1 March 2023 and will also be broadcast live on KNR TV. 


But don’t worry: before you get up and stand on stage, you will have been coached, helped and advised on how to best burn through with your research.  


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