A year full of events: What happened in 2022 at Arctic Hub

Arctic Hub Annual Report, Screenshot, With knowledge and research we create the future

Coordination workshops, science communication, and visits from near and far. 2022 was a year of events at Arctic Hub. Get an overview in our recently published Annual Report. 

2022 was a busy year for Arctic Hub. So busy, in fact, that we struggled to remember all the things we had been up to. Luckily, we won’t have to struggle anymore. Our most important activities of 2022 have now been gathered in an annual report.


We made an effort to make the report easy to read and pretty to look at. Take a look if you, too, want an overview of 2022 at Arctic Hub.


The report is available in Greenlandic, Danish, and for the first time in English as well.


Read it here.