Greenland Science Conference
Nov 7-9, 2023


Greenland Science Conference

​The Greenland Science Conference is a multidisciplinary conference that brings together Arctic expertise from various fields. The social sciences, humanities, physical sciences, and life sciences are all represented.


The conference provides a unique opportunity for researchers and professionals to collaborate, exchange ideas, and explore the many aspects of research in Greenland.


Under the theme “Making Science Matter”, this year’s Greenland Science Conference takes inspiration from Greenland’s National Research Strategy 2022-2030. The strategy, entitled Research – the Road to Progress, defines the vision of the Government of Greenland for the development of research in Greenland.


Read more about the conference, the registration process, and how to set your mark on the program here. Please contact the lead organizer Greenland Science Week if you have any questions.

Conference details
Dates November 7-9, 2023
Conference venue Katuaq, Nuuk
Registration fee DKK 2500
Abstract submission deadline September 3, 2023
Registration deadline October 27, 2023

Check the website for program updates & register here