Arctic Hub survey on research activity in Greenland

Help us gain a better overview!


Arctic Hub is conducting a feasibility study to contribute to a greater overview and knowledge of the research activities and projects in and around Greenland.


Arctic Hub will use the initial data from the feasibility study as an internal tool for future work. Also, the data will set the frame for an annual, open-access report by Arctic Hub, shedding light on various aspects connected to research in and around Greenland.


Our goal is to contribute to smoothening the ecosystem around research in Greenland. For that, we believe that both you and we can profit from a better overview and organization regarding research activities in and around Greenland. As a part of the survey, we invite you to share experiences & recommendations on what can be done to smoothen conducting research in Greenland.


By participating in this survey, you help us gain a better understanding of research activities in Greenland – thank you for that! It will take no more than 10 minutes of your time.


To reach as many researchers as possible with a connection to Greenland, we would appreciate it if you could kindly share this survey in your network/organization.

Help us gain a better overview!

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